Cross Hairs Concealed Carry
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We are known for our instruction, skill, comfortable classroom, relaxed teaching style, and price. We sanitize before, during every class. Small groups are   healthierGloves & masks aval.

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 $85 @ Medina, (Includes eye & ear protection as needed). Class begins @ 8:30. Bring a lunch, snack, beverage, & 60 rounds of ammo. Prepare to enjoy a great experience.
Active range targeting and defensive/combative instruction using our firearms or your own, to practice learned techniques and demonstrate proficiency in the safe handling and firing of a firearm and self/ home defence. This is NOT about being a "sharp shooter". This is about protecting your life and the lives of those whom you love.

One day class Instruction will include the following:

Power Point Instruction covering:  safe pistol handling, an understanding of revolvers & semi-automatic pistols, proper gun control - trigger control, rules of safety, an understanding of the carry law,  your responsibility on the street and technicalities of the Castle Doctrine. How to identify yourself to police personal. Open carry law, concealed carry law, Castle DoctrineWhat are your rights in your home under the  law?
Video safety illustrations.

Hands-on instruction in the technique of gun handling, sighting and firing your firearm, proper loading and unloading of of handguns.  
(NO live ammunition will be present in the classroom)

An informative session involving home & personal defense including home and personal combat modeling. 
​Concealed Carry course pricing:
deposit of $25 or full payment is required to reserve a seat, options available - check, PayPal.