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We are known for our instruction, skill, comfortable classroom, relaxed teaching style, and price. We sanitize before, during of every class. Small groups are   healthierGloves & masks aval.

                               Class  Day

Address; 3680 Vandemark Rd, Litchfield

1. We start at 8:30.
2. Lock your guns and ammo in your car.
3. Bring a lunch, we teach right through.
4. Bring a snack.
5. Bring a beverage.
6. Dress warm for range.(Winter)
 7. Bring 60 rounds of ammo.
    OR $15 for the class gun for ammo.

        Gift Certificates are now available:
     1.) Go to "Registration" Page.
             2.) Fill out the Registration page with Your name and YOUR address,
                   phone number, email, and form of payment. (Only those items)
                   Fill in the "Gift Certificate For" blank.
             3.)  CLICK on Submit form button.
             4.) "Go Back" screen will appear, click on it.
             5.) This will return you to the "Registration"  page.
             6.) On that page is the "Buy This" button. If you are paying with a card or PayPal, you
                   may pay on this secure site.
              7.)  Where PayPal requests "Instructions to seller" type the recipient's name and "GIFT".
              8.)  If paying by check, just mail it to the listed address. 3680 Vandemark RD, Litchfield, O 44253
              9.) You will receive  confirmation by email.
             10) The Gift Certificate may be used on any date, the recipient need only to register and submit.
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"Cross Hairs Concealed Carry LLC is the best place in town for gun instruction. We were very happy with the results."