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We are known for our instruction, skill, comfortable classroom, relaxed teaching style, and price. Small groups are GREAT.
Handgun Instruction Classes begin January ( Dates to be announced soon)

Tom F - Brunswick
A. Marian B. - N Olmsted
I just wanted to thank you again for your CCW training class, you did a fantastic job! Many of my friends and neighbors that have taken the CCW  training class expressed how bored and dissatisfied they were with the instructor and the class.I was able to share the opposite with them. I told them that you not only made it informative and entertaining, you went the "extra Mile" to help the class understand the responsibilities that come with being a CCW holder. They could not believe the time and effort you spent with us on the "range portion" of the training. Please thank Adam as well...
It was a little drive to Medina but well worth it.  I liked it well enough that I asked CROSS HAIRS to order hats for my husband and me.  As a female and a novice, I didn't know what to expect .  What I found were very patient, good humored, non-judgmental instructors that had a true talent for teaching.  I feel totally competent.. Thank you Cross Hairs (Don and Jerry)
Macie P.   - Grafton
This was a FUN class! Jen and I knew next to nothing before we got there but your class presentation of hands on learning and active teaching/learning put us totally at ease.  I love the way you taught with humor and knowledge.  At the range, my first attempts didn't even hit the target paper. By the time I left I could put 6 in the target in a good pattern.  I would recommend Cross Hairs to anyone experienced or novice. Thank you for helping me to never be a victim to gun violence. 
Students learn defensive combat strategies such as the guided exit.
Our female students find confidence and excellent skills with the hand gun.  They won't be a VICTIM
Cross Hairs includes combat basics in their program at no extra cost. The "Shoot and Move" strategies are taught by Range Instructor Jerry. These activities make range time fun, EVEN when it's cold!
What a Blast!  I was told that the classes for CHL were boring and macho.  As a lady I found Cross Hairs to be interesting , fun, entertaining, and most importantly vary lady conscience. Great job, CROSS HAIRS!!!
Serina M. Lodi
On target, on trigger. Off target, off trigger!
Our range by-words are SAFETY,
SAFETY, patience and defense.
Thomas A.  Grafton, O
I am really glad that I found you. Being a corrections officer, I thought the class would be boring. Quite the opposite! Thanks, Don
Lindsey J. Ashland,
My husband and I were turned away from another CCW class because we didn't have our guns and ammo in a carry bag. Best thing that could have happened. You are patient, reassuring and its about the "student".  CROSS HAIRS is fantastic!
  Dear Don, just wanted to thank you for class yesterday...sure was fun...I had respect for guns but now I understand how people need to respect the weapon even more and you can never stop learning! Your patience and continued encouragement to each and everyone of us was greatly appreciated. Keep this Country Great and God Bless you!! Sue M.
We are rated 5 out of five stars on GOOGLE SEARCH and FACEBOOK.  We receive 73% of our clients from referrals.